Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Yes! Two days in a ROW

I have a couple more cards sets that I've been playing with and I'll add the info that goes with them below:

Here is the set inside this wonderful case that holds everything together.  This would be a lovely gift set for someone special!

You can find instructions on completing this complete set at Illina Crouse's blog.
Sorry I just tried to find her web address, but if you type her name into the search on google and add Stampin' UP!  after it, you will find her web site quite easily.

Here is what it looks like opened with  10 cards and envelopes fitting perfectly inside

I also want to mention that Illina's instructions are very easy to follow and you can make all these cards with everything that's in the scrappin kit.

Now where can I get the kit you ask?

Well on page 21 of the occasions mini that runs until April 30 is where you will find everything you need. Keep in mind, that when you purchase the kit and add a couple extra needs/ wants/ must have totaling $60.00 you can choose a FREE item from the sale-a bration catalogue which ends March 30th.

Here's a quick shot of some of the cards inside.  Honestly, the photo's don't do them justice.  They are lovely cards and I know that any family member, grandparent or friend would love to receive this set as a gift.  Don't forget Easter is coming FAST!

OK how about one more quick set!

I LOVE these cards!  You're My Type.

 This stamp set is also the perfect set for making little note cards:  great for co-workers, husbands lunch box, kids too!

The stamp set is on page 27 of the occasions mini.  BUT, have you notice the lovely cuts in the cards?   This is done with Stampin Up!'s NEW Edgelit dies, found on page 7 of the same mini.

Honestly there's NO END to what you can do with these dies, and you don't have to have a big shot, you can use any die cutting machine that you may own.  Whats also cool is these dies ( edgelits ) have a matching embossing folder so you can really make the edges POP!  The folders are also on page 7.  I've got the perfect idea, with the Simply Scrappin Kit, the edgelit dies and the embossing folders your almost there to your FREE gift, just throw in a few embellishments, ( ribbon, jewels, pearls) etc.  Imagine the cards you'll have now.

Well happy stampin, STAMPERSSee you soon at the next class.

Monday, March 5, 2012

WOW! March ALREADY !!!

Hi Stamper,

What!!   Is it  March already and only 25 days left to get your "FREE" gift through sale-a-bration.  Any order of $60.00 or more allows you to choose an item from the sale-a-bration catty.  There's lots of wonderful items from stamps, papers, even big shot items!

My Up-Line very kindly said " post something on your site so I can see what your up too", I think it was a hint.  I will admit, I've been naughty lately.  Can I use the excuse busy with year ends, T4's etc.

Anyway, here's a few photos of what I've been doing plus one of our upcoming classes!!

March 12th class is the FLOWER POT & Card class:  look what I found hanging out by my front door!

Isn't he / she a cutie.  This is the project we'll be completing on

March 12/ @ 1pm
Class fee: 25.00
Class is FULL

We'll be learning how to make all these flowers with the BIG SHOT and although its a little hard to see, there's a butterfly and jewels in there also.  You see our little feathered friend in there too! I think if you double click on the photo it will enlarge it.

We will also be making a matching card, so if you can bring yourself to give it away, you'll have a card to go with it.

Here's our Mother/Daughter/Grandmother/Granddaughter CLASS!

Yes that's a mouth full ...

March 25th
1pm to 4 pm
Fee:  15.00 per child
Sorry Class is FULL!

There will be -  I think it's 6 - 8 cards with matching envelops.  Moms and Grandmothers will be helping along.  The girls are going to LOVE this class and there is a lovely variety of cards made here.

This is a close up of one of my favorite cards, but honestly they are all to sweet!!!!

Easter, have any of you been thinking of EASTER -?

Isent' this little bag the cutest, and its filled with Easter Cards.

Now I just checked the calender and OH MY!  It's arriving quicker than I realized.

I'll soon have to get these mailed.

These stamps are found in the IB& C book - ( that's the BIG Catalogue) on page 48.  Everybunny is the stamp set name. 

Here's a little look at whats inside the chicken!  Lol

These are all water colored and I know that my granddaughter and any kids would love receiving this in the mail for EASTER!  Specially with a little treat inside. ( $$$ )

OK, I do have some more photo's, but I'll save them for tomorrow.  Imagine, two days in a row.  Boy, I'm on a roll now.

Tomorrow stampers!