Tuesday, November 23, 2010

BIG SALE - UP to 50% off

Hi Stampers:

I have not been able to get the logo over here to my web site for this promotion.  So the EASIEST way is to go to my Stampin'UP! STORE and take a look on that site.  It is very, very easy.  Just follow this address and it will take you right over there.  http:// lindaberger.stampinup.net  - ok, maybe you'll have to type that address in to make it work.

By the way:  CONGRATS TO THE FOLLOWING ladies for taking advantage of the Nov 15th to 30th promotion by starting their own business.  Very smart ladies for getting all your stamping products for such an excellent price:

Angela VanDeRiet  of NS
Ankie Fisher  of NS
Alison Baxter  of NB
Chrystal Berger of NS
Clara Vroegh of NS

Good luck ladies in your endeavors whether personal or business, I SUPPORT YOU!!  BUT ...  I do hope I'll still see you all at classes

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Online Spectacular Begins Monday!


Hi Stampers:

Online Spectacular Sale Begins Monday!


I know, I know, it just doesn't end, first the starter kits on 1/2 price until November 30th, that's NOT even over yet, and here comes the next BIG SALE!  I'll be watching for everyone and as soon as I find out more I'll have it posted here.
  • My Digital Studio - 50 percent off!
  • Designer Fabric - 50 percent off!
  • Free shipping on orders of $200 or more!
Check back on Monday evening for more information!!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Hostess Gift - Calender Card /Staionary Set

Hi Stampers:
I thought I would show everyone what I did today.  I recently purchased this stamp class from Jenny Moors.  She is one of my favorites.  I decided that anyone who has a class for me in the month of January will receive this beautiful gift set.  NOW!  here's the great thing.  You can have the class or workshop at my house.  In fact I really would prefer that.  All you have to do is call me, we can discuss, WHEN, HOW MANY, and WHAT you would like to have.  All you have to do is invite, and arrive.  I'll do all the rest.  If you have a class, it is $ 25.00 per person.  BUT - you are FREE!!  Yep, you DO NOT pay for the class.  If you have a workshop, then it's FREE for all.  I simply show everyone what card making/paper crafting and Stamin'UP! is all about.  As the hostess, you receive ALL the credit for the class or workshop from any purchases.  It's really all about YOU!!  Call me, we can talk about all the details later.  So here's the awesome gift you will receive when you invite your friends to try out Stampin' Up!

Here are the three cards that go inside of the Calender set.  You have a drawer to store the cards in, once they are gone, replace them with a note pad and a pen.  Leave this lovely set by the phone and NEVER have to look for a pad & pen again.  It's the cutest gift set ever!  AND it can be YOURS FREE!

As you can see the cards fit beautifully inside, which also has three matching envelopes.  Lots of room for a sticky note pad and pen.  BUT, you will always know the day of the month too!  There's a 2011 calender on top.  Don't you think you need this lovely set.  Book a class or workshop with me, and it's yours.  Look forward to hearing from you.

Below are a few pic's of the other things I did today!  No laughing people ....

 All right, SUPPER time, we'll maybe I didn't feed them. But I did take photo's of them all eating.

Here the cows are waiting to be fed!  There's only about 150 including the calves, and 3 bulls.
Yep, life on the FARM!

Here my Hubby is piling bales of straw.  There are over 200 bales here.  Need any!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

50% off the Starter Kit

Hi Stampers:

Promotion Details:
  • The Simply Amazing Recruiting Promotion lasts from November 15 through November 30, 2010.
  • We are announcing the promotion on November 11 so you will have an opportunity to contact your potential recruits prior to the launch of the promotion. This offer is only available for a short time, so you will need to act quickly to be sure you have enough time to mail in your IDAs.
  • Both the Standard Starter Kit and the Digital+ Kit are available at 50 percent off the regular kit. These are full starter kits, not mini or reduced-content kits.
  • Recruits can still add the Stampin' Memories or Digital+ Add-On and will pay the regular add-on price.
  • Recruits who join during the Simply Amazing Recruiting Promotion are still eligible for any programs available to a new recruit. This includes but is not limited to the extra 10 percent Instant Income offer, Stampin' Start, the opportunity to purchase a Business Booster Kit, and a free two-month Demonstrator Business
    Web Services (DBWS) subscription.
  • Any new recruit who signs up during the Simply Amazing Recruiting Promotion will receive 50 percent off the Starter Kit.
  • The promotional price of the Standard Starter Kit and the Digital+ Kit is $107.50. The kits include over $375 worth of crafting and business supplies.
  • Any starter kit paperwork received from November 15 through November 30 will receive 50 percent off. If the kit was paid for with a credit card, only the discounted price will be charged. If the recruit paid the regular price through money order or cashier's check, the full price will be charged but a refund will be issued on the new demonstrator's first commission run. 
  • Use the regular Starter Kit order forms or Online IDA in your DBWS to complete these orders. Special order forms for this promotion will not be issued.
  • As always, the demonstrator Starter Kit is only available to new recruits and not to current demonstrators.
Boo Hoo,!  I would love to have had this opportunity.  Call me stampers, anyone interested.

Tealight Card

Hi Stampers:
Well I have a few moments this afternoon, and thought I would get another project completed to show everyone what we'll be making in our projects class.  As I said, the class we have on Nov 28th and the Dec 7th will not be cards, but projects instead.  Gifts you can give for Christmas, or keep for yourselves.  Here is the last project completed.  The Tea Light Card!
But, just before that, I must tell you who has won the bag and contents from the All Day Stamp Camp!
I  had my husband draw the name, and ANGELA VandeRiet, your the luck STAMPER!

Tea Light Card - LOVE IT!       

There you go isn't this just the cutest card.  On you right is the greeting.  The Snowman family are just toooo sweet! If you want to look closer, all you have to do is double click on the photo, I believe that enlarges it.   For the rest of the projects we'll be making just scroll down and you should see them on a previous posting. 
Can't wait to see everyone.  By for now!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Nov 28th & Dec 7th Classes

Hi Stampers:

Thought I would give a sample of our final upcoming classes for the year.  On Nov 28th and Dec 7th I will be having the last classes for 2010.  Both these classes will be the same.  Please let me know for the Nov 28th if you will be attending.  I will need notice by:  Nov 21st for your attendance

Sunday Nov 28th
1 pm to 4pm
Fee:  $ 25.00

Photo attached of the projects that we will be completing.  These are wonderful gift ideas for Grandparents, a dear friend ( who has everything), or even as a Secret Santa gift.

Tuesday Dec 7th
1 pm to 4 pm
Fee:  $ 25.00

This class has only 2 seats left.  Both classes are at my home:

Please Note:  There is one project missing here that we WILL be completing, but I used it as a give away last class - have to make another.  It is a lovely Tealight holder card.  It actually hold (3) tealights and has a built in card.  It's beautiful, and one of my favorite projects.  You will also complete the magnetic memo pad and a cute little book style card that holds (2) little individual tea sachets or it could be chocolates, and you will have a matching card, in case you want to give everything as a complete gift set.  SO, that's three ( 3D items ) and a lovely matching card.  This will be a very fun class and a step away from the regular card class.  I hope to hear from everyone, just remember to please give me notice of your attendance.  If I have time, I will make another of the tealight project and attach it to the blog so you can view it also.
Take Care - Linda 

PS - The NEW Mini will be out Dec 1st for the coming quarter, all I can say is
" OH MY MY!"  It is honestly the nicest one I have seen yet.  I will have to start with what I DON'T WANT - as the wants are tooooo many!  I can't wait to show you guy's what Stamin'Up! is coming out with.

What's New !!

Hi Stampers:
I know, long time - haven't heard from me.  I've been trying to catch up since my daughter had the baby.  I had to take a week off work as I had our lovely granddaughter while Mom was busy having the baby.  Anyway, all is well on that front, Chayse is gaining weight and Mom  ( Chrystal ) is enjoying every second.
After the baby, I had catchup time with my clients, now completed.  Then I had to prepare for the Nov 7th stamp camp.  What a day!!  Twenty cards completed along with two boxes.  All completed!!  The stampers were so excited by what they had done at days end.  I have a photo of some of the girls.  By time I remembered one had left and one said she took a horrible photo and didn't want to be in it, I can understand that. Here's the stampers with some of their goodies!

Yes!  They are pretty happy with the box's and completed cards.  Although looks like Angela forgot to say cheese.

These are a WONDERFUL group of ladies and so kind to me when I goof up and forget to tell them a step, then we have to go back and fix.

I have another group of ladies who also attended a Stamp Camp in Oct and I forgot to get their photo's.  They too are an awesome group, and I promise, next class - photo's first!!
Well I now have a class I have to prepare for in Muncton, NB.  A friend of mine has asked if I would come and do (2) classes for her.  She has some NEW ladies that want to make Christmas cards.  So in two weeks off to Muncton.  This coming Saturday the 20th I will be with my Upline - Carol Matthews at a Craft Fair in Truro, NS.  It is at the agri-collage, so that will be a busy day.  Perhaps I'll see some of you there.  Best place to get all your Christmas gifts for those that have everything.  Most items there are hand made by very loving hands!
Take Care all!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Nov 7th Stamp Camp!

Hi Stampers,

I just want to remind all the ladies that are coming to the Stamp Camp on Sunday, they should remember the time change.  The class start at 10am sharp as we have a lot of cards to make.  20 in all and a few other projects.  It's going to be a fun filled day, but busy also.  I have a few surprises in store along with a sneak peek on Dec class.  So I look forward to seeing everyone, I'll have coffee on - Timmy's if needed.

See you Sunday at 10 AM !!