Saturday, November 13, 2010

50% off the Starter Kit

Hi Stampers:

Promotion Details:
  • The Simply Amazing Recruiting Promotion lasts from November 15 through November 30, 2010.
  • We are announcing the promotion on November 11 so you will have an opportunity to contact your potential recruits prior to the launch of the promotion. This offer is only available for a short time, so you will need to act quickly to be sure you have enough time to mail in your IDAs.
  • Both the Standard Starter Kit and the Digital+ Kit are available at 50 percent off the regular kit. These are full starter kits, not mini or reduced-content kits.
  • Recruits can still add the Stampin' Memories or Digital+ Add-On and will pay the regular add-on price.
  • Recruits who join during the Simply Amazing Recruiting Promotion are still eligible for any programs available to a new recruit. This includes but is not limited to the extra 10 percent Instant Income offer, Stampin' Start, the opportunity to purchase a Business Booster Kit, and a free two-month Demonstrator Business
    Web Services (DBWS) subscription.
  • Any new recruit who signs up during the Simply Amazing Recruiting Promotion will receive 50 percent off the Starter Kit.
  • The promotional price of the Standard Starter Kit and the Digital+ Kit is $107.50. The kits include over $375 worth of crafting and business supplies.
  • Any starter kit paperwork received from November 15 through November 30 will receive 50 percent off. If the kit was paid for with a credit card, only the discounted price will be charged. If the recruit paid the regular price through money order or cashier's check, the full price will be charged but a refund will be issued on the new demonstrator's first commission run. 
  • Use the regular Starter Kit order forms or Online IDA in your DBWS to complete these orders. Special order forms for this promotion will not be issued.
  • As always, the demonstrator Starter Kit is only available to new recruits and not to current demonstrators.
Boo Hoo,!  I would love to have had this opportunity.  Call me stampers, anyone interested.

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