Sunday, January 23, 2011

February 6th & 8th classes

Hello stampers,
Just a note to remind everyone about the upcoming Valentines Class.

Feb 6th and 8th
1 pm to 4pm
class fee - $ 25.00

I am offering to those who bring a GUEST to class (someone who has never been to one of our classes ), a  a $5.00 credit as well as the guest they bring with them. NOTE:  I must know in advance to prepare for the extra.  Very Important!!

We will be completing a lovely Valentine set this class as well a a box to keep them in or gift them.  We also will be doing another SPECIAL box that you can give to your someone SPECIAL!!  I have a few photo's below.  I'm looking forward to seeing everyone!!

The photo is not very good.  I have two camera and both the battery died in them.  Didn't focus very well at all - SORRY!  But I think you get the picture anyway!!  Whoops, I see there is  CARD BOX missing too.  We'll have 3 cards and a box as well as s special triangle box completed in this class!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sale - A - bration Starts January 25th

It's here - our annual Sale - A - bration event!  It goes on from January 25th to March 31st and it's one of Stampin'Up!s favorite times of the year!!  Why you ask - well it's when you get A LOT for NOTHING.  I've got a GREAT promotion for you, , especially for those of you who have been wanting a " BIG SHOT ".  We've enjoyed making wonderful cards at class using the BIG SHOOT.   We've cut die's, embossed card fronts. etc.  You can get in on this deal and have your BIG SHOT !!

Sale - A - bration

Big Shot         $ 132.05
Bigz die          $ 26.95  any one
Sizzlets  4 pack dies  $ 29.95
Embossing folder  " my gift - free "  when you purchase this package your total is $ 189.85 and I will make up the $10.95.  Now you have qualified for the Level ONE Hostess benefit. 

This is what will receive :

Any level ONE hostess stamp set - ( from any of the current catalogue's )
$ 15.00 in FREE product - anything you want
you also receive 3 FREE stamps sets from sale-a-bration catalogue because your total is $200.00

You spend $ 189 85 and receive 4 free stamps set and $ 20.00 in free product.  You have a BID SHOT and have endless ways up jazzing up your paper crafting.  You won't find a better deal anywhere!  It's time STAMPERS!!  ( hst and shipping is extra )

Give me a call STAMPERS!!  It only lasts until March 31st

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sew Suite - New Mini

Hi Stampers

I know, hard to believe, but yes I have another post and it's only been a day or two.  I am going to try to keep up a little better with my posting, although I will warn you during the month of February it'll be very hard as that is my busiest month of the year for my REAL work.  But I will try.  Here is a wonderful little card I made today with one of the new stamp sets in the occasions mini. The stamp set is called Sew Suite

Stampin Up is really getting into the sewing end of crafts.  They have gorgeous materials, and I have ordered some which I  will have on display when you attend the classes.  They have also made stamp set and matching designer paper with sewing themes on them.  For the sewing crowd out there, you will really want these!

Hope you enjoy this card.  It is from a site that I frequent a lot:
Create with Connie and Mary.  Take a look at their site, they have awesome ideas.

Have a great day Stampers!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

OK Don't fall over ladies!! It's just a small update ...

I know, it's been awhile.  Hay Happy New Years everyone!  I am glad it has come and gone though.  Everything is back to normal and that mean card classes also.  Well with probably half of my ladies now Stampin'Up Demo's, I don't know how I'll ever make any sales now.  Really though, I am very happy for you ladies that signed up and got such an awesome deal.  I know that unless your going to continue on your own, you'll come home again.  ( so to speak ).  Well even though things have been very busy, as I'm sure it has been for all, I have gotten a little stampin done.  I had to, as I received more X-mass cards than I sent out.  Now I'm going to send all those people cards that I missed at Christmas, and NO, they won't be Christmas cards.  Just THANK YOU card for the ones they sent me.  So here's the stampin news for Classes.

January 11th - Do your own thing class  -  what that means is I want you to bring your own stampin supplies, your own papers, chalks, adhesives, what ever you had and a couple of stamp sets that you would like to make cards with.  I will help you make cards with your own stashes.  I want to see you guys use some of the wonderful products you've purchased.
The class fee:         FREE 
Time:                       1 pm

January 30th - Same as above  Everything is the same for this class " FREE"

February 6th  1 pm         Valentines Class     $ 25.00 each
I thought I would get a Valentine card class in before the BIG day! Wouldn't it be great to give that special person or people something you have made yourself.   I have a wonderful class put together for this event, please let me know ASAP if you would like to attend so I can be sure to get the materials needed.  
THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!  A MIN. of  4 people are needed to signed up for this class before it is feasible to have it.  So, if you have a group of people that would like to attend - min 4 - max 8 then we're ready for class.  If I don;t have 4 sign up before the 3rd I will call those who have signed and let them know of cancellation.  

February 8th  1 PM          Valentine Class      $ 25.00 each 
same as above! 
Whoops!!  How did that handsome man get in there.  One of Santa's helpers maybe!  Oh my - NO - it's our grandson, only 2 months old.  I just can't stop looking at him.  LOL

This is one of the cards that I'll be sending to those I missed over the holidays.  This stamp set is from the NEW MINI and if you haven't seen it yet you'd better STOP now and go look.  At the top of my blog on the right top corner is the NEW CATTY.  Personal I'm embarrassed to say, my mini is worn out already.  Honestly, it is that nice, there is probably nothing in there that I have NOT drooled over.  Really, check it out.

This could easily be a wonderful male orientated card.  It is always a little more challenging to come up with something special for Dad, Hubby, brother or any other man in our life.  This set is PERFECT!  It's called Nature Walk and is my TOP PICK!!
Here are a few others I've done from the set.  But what is really cool is we have matching designer paper that works absolutely perfectly with the stamp set.

I just LOVE it.  I even made a little card case to hold all five cards I made, although they won't be in there long.  Have you noticed the ribbon at the bottom of the box.  This is a special technique called Ribbon Roaching.  My goodness, I'm sure I haven't spelled that correctly.  Hope spell check can figure that one out.  I should also tell you this set is from a wonderful Stampin'Up Demo named Ilina Crouse.  She does wonderful work and I follow her daily.

Here is a lovely card I made also using a stamp set from the NEW MINI.  I didn't have a SYMPATHY stamp set and thought this was a perfect one.  It is versatile enough to use for other occasion's as well.  Have you noticed the Tulip boarder around the card.  Well I hate to say it - yes that's new too!  I love this item, it's an Impressions Folder.  Just makes the card stand out all on its own.  Have you checked that MINI out yet?

Better get going, then call me with your order!  I am putting one in on January 25th.  Why that date you ask.  Well if some of you remember.  That's about the time I met most of you.  It's sale - a - bration time again.  You remember!  When your order is a $ 60.00 value or higher, you get to choose from a variety of stamp sets.  So for every $ 60.00 order you'll receive a FREE stamp set, well actually, this year there are quite a few other things you can choose from also.  There will be a sale-a-bration catalogue coming soon.  So there you go.  That's why I'm holding off ordering until the 25th of January.

 OOOPS!  This should have been closer to the top of this blog,  but didn't want to leave it out.

Again, here's that ribbon roaching.  Scrunchy ribbon really, but there is a technique to it.

OK OK - Here's a SNEAK peek of one of the upcoming cards we will be completing in the Valentines Class. Remember, you have to let me know ASAP so I can make sure I have enough product. Also we need 4 people minimum to hold this class.

369 2471 or



This is a peek of the box the cards will go in.  It has a very, very cool, clear top!!  You will love this.

More to come on this class, stay tuned.