Sunday, November 14, 2010

Hostess Gift - Calender Card /Staionary Set

Hi Stampers:
I thought I would show everyone what I did today.  I recently purchased this stamp class from Jenny Moors.  She is one of my favorites.  I decided that anyone who has a class for me in the month of January will receive this beautiful gift set.  NOW!  here's the great thing.  You can have the class or workshop at my house.  In fact I really would prefer that.  All you have to do is call me, we can discuss, WHEN, HOW MANY, and WHAT you would like to have.  All you have to do is invite, and arrive.  I'll do all the rest.  If you have a class, it is $ 25.00 per person.  BUT - you are FREE!!  Yep, you DO NOT pay for the class.  If you have a workshop, then it's FREE for all.  I simply show everyone what card making/paper crafting and Stamin'UP! is all about.  As the hostess, you receive ALL the credit for the class or workshop from any purchases.  It's really all about YOU!!  Call me, we can talk about all the details later.  So here's the awesome gift you will receive when you invite your friends to try out Stampin' Up!

Here are the three cards that go inside of the Calender set.  You have a drawer to store the cards in, once they are gone, replace them with a note pad and a pen.  Leave this lovely set by the phone and NEVER have to look for a pad & pen again.  It's the cutest gift set ever!  AND it can be YOURS FREE!

As you can see the cards fit beautifully inside, which also has three matching envelopes.  Lots of room for a sticky note pad and pen.  BUT, you will always know the day of the month too!  There's a 2011 calender on top.  Don't you think you need this lovely set.  Book a class or workshop with me, and it's yours.  Look forward to hearing from you.

Below are a few pic's of the other things I did today!  No laughing people ....

 All right, SUPPER time, we'll maybe I didn't feed them. But I did take photo's of them all eating.

Here the cows are waiting to be fed!  There's only about 150 including the calves, and 3 bulls.
Yep, life on the FARM!

Here my Hubby is piling bales of straw.  There are over 200 bales here.  Need any!

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  1. Love the farm photos! But I really love your project - that's beautiful!