Sunday, June 12, 2011

June Card Class

Hi Stampers,

Well I thought I'd better get this updated before the next thing came along, you know how that is, specially this time of year.  I have a few photos here of our June card class, and what a fun, fantastic afternoon we had.  I was so happy that everyone enjoyed themselves, the food was great, the company even better.  I have to say that not only are you all wonderful in helping me stay active as a Stampin' Up ! demonstrator, but we have all become wonderful friends and you have all been awesome ladies to work with.  Everyone is always SO HAPPY even when I mess up and we have to well let's just say, improvise!!

Well with further ado -   here is my first group of ladies!

The ladies all got a lovely vase with two roses in it.  I used Stampin Up rub-ons to put a little saying on them.

We had a lovely lunch and then had our card class after.

Form the Left:      Chantal; Monique; Sandra; Crystal
Front:           Sylvia; and Angela

Here we are having our lunch!  Thanks, ladies for a wonderful afternoon.
Have a GREAT SUMMER and we'll see you all back at class in SEPTEMBER :)

My second group of STAMPERS:

This is the table set for my second group of LOVELY LADIES.

They to were awfully excited when they arrives and saw flowers and a card for each one of them.

One of the ladies - Clara brought a bottle of wine, which wasn't long opened after everyone arrived.  Now what do you think the cards were like after a couple glasses of wine.  Terrific!!

Well from the left side we have:

Ankie; Angela; Clara; and Chris 

another wonderful group of ladies that enjoy good friends, food, wine and card making.  Really, what could be better!  Yes, we all had a wonderful afternoon.  BUT, I forgot to get the picture with everyone holding their projects as when class was over, everyone was in a hurry to get outside and start digging plants.  I am downsizing my garden and I told the ladies take what they wanted!  That was all that need be said.  I should have gotten some photo's of the shovel's flying !!!   LOL

Well that's it everyone, we are finished card classes for the summer months.  We will be back in September with regular scheduled classes.  I remember we will also have the all day event in Oct, where we will prepare some Christmas items and cards.  I already have a couple of VERY FUN projects, and I haven't even thought of cards YET!!

I have to throw in a couple of photo's to share with everyone:

Isn't this just the cutest.  To bad my husband hadn't shaved.  But I can live with it.  Our grandson, Chsaye looking at his papa with such amazement!
Will I have those things on my face too some day!! I'm sure that's what he's thinking -   LOL

Here's what I've been up to when the sun is out!  Which really isn't a lot this summer so far.......

Here is my sitting area, finally all cleaned up. next to the pond I moved down from the top of the hill, it's over the the left where all the hosta's are.

This one is looking down at the front garden.  I've been working over the last couple of years trying to build a boarder around the sitting area.  You can see the hosta's then there is boxwood and finally a row of spirea.  Think it will take a couple more years to amount to anything.  LOL

You know what so funny, I have a few sitting areas, and I never sit in them.  As soon as I sit, I see something I have to do!!

Is it that way for you too .. LOL

Well that's about it folks.  Garden show is over, as it took me about an hour to post these.  This process is VERY SLOW!

So I hope you all enjoy your summer, and check the blog every once in awhile.  I will be making a few cards, and perhaps I can even get them posted.



  1. Linda - your gardens are so beautiful...!

  2. Wow, wow, wow!!! Your gardens are stunning Linda and the lunch looked SOOOOO good! I can see why your ladies had such an enjoyable afternoon!

  3. Gorgeous gardens, between you and Carol, I am suffering from Garden Envy. The only two nice days we had last week I was nursing a sore back, but the good news is, hubby is going to weed for more this weekend, I'll just have to make sure to hide the round up or he may kill everything out there.