Saturday, December 3, 2011

Upcoming Projects!!

Hi Stampers,

I've been busy today preparing for my last two classes in December, and I thought maybe I would give you all a sneak peek at some of the projects we will be doing.  Now each class has different project so what you see may NOT be in both classes.  The classes have already decided what they wanted to do.  These are so easy, and wonderful gifts to give to : the mail (person), your milk man - we still have one.  Your office co-workers, I tell you the list really could go on!  Don't forget the family, because inside the mini purse is some of the BEST chocolate you've ever eaten.  The Ghirargelli Chocolate, very hard to come by in Canada, and available only around the holiday seasons.  Yes, I found some and they will be your treat for your mini purse's.  Don't you just LOVE the wine bottle gift card!  It has a lovely greeting to give to the hostess when you are attending all those dinner parties.  Well here are a couple of photos, there is also a little gift card you can attach to your favorite persons gift.  Enjoy and see everyone SOON!!!

The little mini purses are to sweet!  I love the little mittens on the bottle tag, it fits perfect with the greeting.

The tag is a little hard to see, put is a snap to make with the die found in the Holiday Mini on page 36.  You will NEVER have to buy a tag again.  These are so much fun because they all have little doors that you can hide a secret message in.  Love them.

Well there you go, my share for the day!  OK, maybe for a few days.  Depends how busy I am.

Enjoy the sunshine everyone, its an extra gift from above I think. ......

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  1. Oh my - these are beautiful! They make the gift extra special for sure! I love the mittens too!