Thursday, September 16, 2010

Eight more SLEEPS! Yep ..

Every year I go with my girlfriend to NB for a Scrappin Weekend.  There are about 80 ladies in all, and that's all we do do - all weekend.  From the moment we open our eyes, for as long as we can keep them open.  All our meals, snacks, treats, every thing is prepared for us.  We have to do NOTHING .....  but SCRAP.  There are 6 of us that share a cabin every year.  Every year we make a little gift for the other friends, this year I'll bet you can't guess what I'll be making - you got it - CARDS!!  I have made a little set of christmas cards and a small
4 x 4 box to hold them.  I thought  I would share them with my stamp'in friends.  Here's a peek -

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