Thursday, September 8, 2011

EEEKS!! Trick or TREAT !!

What would you do if one of these guys showed up at your DOOR!!  I would give them all the candy I had and RUN, except these four treaters are just to cute.  They are four little bears, ok, they are supposed to be bears, my husband thought they were dogs.  Lol

We were challenged by our upline Carol Matthews to create a card using nothing but PUNCHES!  I thought, and thought, suffered the net, many times, finally came up with these four creaters.

Sorry TEAM MEMBERS, those of you who may be peeking at my blog will see these lovelies before you receive them.  But you never know, it's soon HALLOW E'EN and what kinds of tricks may be played on you! 
  "Trick or Treat "  !!!!

Aren't these guys scary - LOL!!  OK, maybe a little to far away to see.  I'll post them individually and if you want a closer view you can double click on the photo and that will enlarge it for you, BUT be careful, you've been warned.!!

We have here Bear Frankenstein on the left and Bear Vampire on the right!

I tell you if this showed up at my door, I would be a little intimidated.  I was scared just putting them together.

Nope!  This will not be a class, have no fear STAMPERS.

They're just a little more than I can handle - one at a time.  Lol


On the left is Bear Mummy - That sounds strange, no its not what you think!  Then over to your right is the Devil Bear.  Well do I have you shaking in you boots yet.

For the STAMPERS who are coming to the Sept 13th or 18th class please let me know as soon as you can so I can prepare enough cards.  Thanks.....Hope you enjoyed the scary look, and we'll talk soon.


  1. LOLOLOL Linda, I always look at your blog!!!
    These are AWESOME!!! I especially love the Mummy Bear and Vampire, but they are all great. I'm going to have to get going with my swap cards...they are boring compared to these beauties!

  2. WOW! These are great! Can't wait to get mine!!