Saturday, September 10, 2011

No More Apples !

Good Day Stampers,

Well it's been a busy day here on the SHORE!  I am posting a few pic's today and they are not all cards.  I've decided some time ago that my back garden which is the largest of the three that I have, was going to have to go as I'm on the list for a NEW KNEE!  Keeping that in mind, those kind of things take time, my wait list is at least a year.  I have NO problem with that - I'm a chicken.  So, some things will have to change for me and I thought I have one year to make them.  Life will have to become somewhat simpler.

As some of you already know, the back garden was going, some of you were able to get a few plants.  Well the rest are now gone also, along with all the APPLE TREES.  They were lovely, but very old, and I thought if I planted all this new lawn and another hurricane comes along and knocks the apple trees down, there would go my new lawn.  So this is what I have for the moment.  Anyone who has been in my back yard better sit down.!!

Don't know why I can't get text where I want it.  LOL

Most everything is gone in this picture.  Now is the clean up, then plow everything, and plant grass.  Should be easy mowing now!!

This was the last tree out.  Very sad.  Hurricane Dave wasn't easy to deal with.  It was all or nothing.

Now, can I find a card to share with you guys.  Something pleasant to think about.!!

 Here is one of the cards I made which is a CASE from the 2011/2012 catty.  It is using the Hostess set - Faith of Nature - and it really is a lovely set.  I've seen a lot of cards using this set, very versatile.

Here it is a little further away along with a treat the ladies will be receiving when they attend our regular monthly class on Sept 13th.

Can't wait to see you all, now that we are back to regular card classes again.

Have a wonderful weekend STAMPERS.

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  1. OMG Linda!!! That tree left quite a hole! Are congrats in order for the new knee as I know it's been troubling you but I also know you are a big chicken (don't worry you are in good company there LOL).
    Love the cute card you made. The circle punches to make the border are sweet :)